Queer New York International Arts Festival 2013 – get queer all across New York City!

The second edition of the Queer New York International Arts Festival—a festival of contemporary performance and visual art that explores and broadens the concept of “queer” (in) art—will take place from Wednesday, October 23 through Sunday, November 3, at multiple venues throughout New York City. The 2013 festival features an exciting lineup of some of the most innovative artists of our time, many of whom are presenting their work in New Yorkfor the first time. QNYIA 2013 is produced and curated by Zvonimir Dobrović and the late André von Ah.

The Queer New York International Arts Festival (QNYIA) was created to expand the parameters of reading all that queer performance can be and mean. The concept proposes a reinvented definition of queer that can serve as a wider platform for excellence in the arts, one that is capable of tracking, discovering, and interpreting new trends. In addition to challenging societal norms and artistic practices, the festival repositions queerness by presenting artists whose work deals not only with gender and identity (i.e., expected queer issues), but with a wider range of personal, social, and aesthetic phenomena inside this new container for otherness.

Over two weeks QNYIA will present 20 dance, theater, music, installation, and visual arts productions. The first week features performances by Bulgarian performance artist Ivo Dimchev, Italian-based artist collective Sineglossa, New York performance and nightlife stars Shane Shane and Heather Litteer, UAE and New York-based visual-performance artist CHOKRA, American playwright Dan Fishback, German choreographer Antonia Baehr, Poland-based artist collective SUKA OFF, Brazilian performance and visual artist Gabriela Mureb, visual and performance artist Antoni Karwowski from Poland, and choreographer-performer Raimund Hoghe from Germany. The second week features performances by dance artist Bruno Isaković from Croatia, Portland-based visual artist and writer Daniel Duford, Croatian experimental circus duo Room 100, artist Bojana Radulović from Montenegro, choreographer-dancer Eisa Jocson from the Philippines, Colombia-based installation/performance artist Guillermo Riveros, and choreographer Ângelo Madureira from Brazil. The festival also includes the Queer Art New Music Series, with performances by M Lamar, Max Steele, Enid Ellen, and Nath Ann Carrara; a film screening and talkback with David Weissman; and a series of discussions and other public programs.

QNYIA 2013 is presented in partnership with the Abrons Arts Center―the festival’s hub—with additional performances and events at Grace Exhibition Space & Gallery, The Invisible Dog Art Center, Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater, La MaMa, ETC., Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, The New School, and Participant INC.

QNYIA 2013 is presented with major support from the Alphawood Foundation. Additional support is provided by AbronsArtsCenter, Amat-Associazione Marchigiana Attivita Teatrali, Art Matters, Croatian Ministry of Culture, City of Zagreb, Montenegrin Ministry of Culture, Nationales Performance Netz, Oregon Arts Commission, Petrobras, and Zagreb Tourist Board.

The 2013 festival is dedicated to the memory of André von Ah (March 20, 1987-September 11, 2013), co-founder and curator of QNYIA. A research and development grant supporting queer art has been established in his name.


Performance and Event Calendar

Wednesday, October 23:

8:00pm:       Abrons Playhouse, Ivo Dimchev (Bulgaria), P-Project


Thursday, October 24:

3:00pm:       Abrons Underground, David Weissman, Film Screening and Talk

5:00pm:       Participant INC., Shane Shane/Heather Litteer (USA), Good Morning, Queer New York!

7:30pm:       Abrons Experimental, CHOKRA (USA/ UAE), Zawaj Al Khaleej (Gulf Marriage)

8:00pm:       Abrons Playhouse, Sineglossa (Italy), Remember Me

8:30pm:       Abrons Playhouse, Sineglossa (Italy), Remember Me

9:00pm:       Abrons Playhouse, Sineglossa (Italy), Remember Me


Friday, October 25:

7:00pm:       Abrons Experimental, Antonia Baehr (Germany), Laugh

7:30pm:       Joe’s Pub, Dan Fishback (USA), The Material World

8:00pm:       New York Live Arts, Raimund Hoghe (Germany), A Tribute to André von Ah

9:30pm:        Grace Exhibition Space, SUKA OFF (Poland), TransFera 1.5; Gabriela Mureb (Brazil), Untitled Performance; Antoni Karwowski (Poland), Burning Collection

9:30pm:       Joe’s Pub, Dan Fishback (USA), The Material World


Saturday, October 26:

2:305:45pm:The New School – Panel Discussions

8:00pm:       Abrons Playhouse, Raimund Hoghe (Germany), An Evening with Judy

10:00pm:       La MaMa, M Lamar (USA), Surveillance: Punishment and the Black Psyche


Sunday, October 27:

5:30pm:       La MaMa, Shane Shane (USA), Liquid Nonsense

7:00pm:       Abrons Experimental, SUKA OFF (Poland), Red Dragon

8:00pm:       Abrons Playhouse, Bruno Isaković (Croatia), Denuded


Monday, October 28:

11am–7pm:   AbronsGarden, Daniel Duford (USA), Ringing the Temple Bell

8:30pm:       Abrons Playhouse, Ângelo Madureira (Brazil), Delirio

9:30pm:       Abrons Experimental, SUKA OFF (Poland), Red Dragon


Tuesday, October 29:

11am–7pm:   AbronsGarden, Daniel Duford (USA), Ringing the Temple Bell

8:30pm:       Abrons Underground, Room 100 (Croatia), C8H11NO2


Wednesday, October 30:

11am–7pm:   AbronsGarden, Daniel Duford (USA), Ringing the Temple Bell

8:30pm:       Abrons Underground, Room 100 (Croatia), C8H11NO2

9:30pm:       Abrons Experimental, Eisa Jocson (Philippines), Macho Dancer


Thursday, October 31:

9:30pm:       Abrons Experimental, Eisa Jocson (Philippines), Macho Dancer


Friday, November 1:

7:30pm:       The Invisible Dog, Bojana Radulović (Montenegro), Air Doll

10:00pm:      La MaMa, Enid Ellen (USA), The Birth of Enid Ellen


Saturday, November 2:

6:00pm:       LeslieLohmanMuseum, Guillermo Riveros (Colombia), A Dorado

10:00pm:      La MaMa, Nath Ann Carrera (USA) with special guest MC Dan Fishback


Sunday, November 3:

5:30pm:         La MaMa, Max Steele (USA), BODYHIGH


Venue Information


The Abrons Arts Center

466 Grand Street(atPitt Street),Manhattan




Grace Exhibition Space & Gallery

840 Broadway, 2nd Floor (at13th Street),Brooklyn




The Invisible Dog Art Center

51 Bergen Street(between Smith and Court Streets), Brooklyn




Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater

425 Lafayette Street(betweenEast 4th StreetandAstor Place),Manhattan







La MaMa, ETC.

74A East 4th Street (between Bowery andSecond Avenue),Manhattan




Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art

26 Wooster Street(between Grand and Canal Streets),Manhattan




The New School for Public Engagement


55 West 13th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues),Manhattan



New York Live Arts

219 West 19th Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues),Manhattan




Participant INC.

253 East Houston Street(betweenNorfolkandSuffolkStreets),Manhattan